Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Warning: Deer Crossing

It was just another day at the office until around 1:30 p.m. That's when I emerged from the cafeteria, sandwich in hand, and walked past a giant trail of fresh blood on my way back to my desk. I didn't even notice. As I approached my desk one of my coworkers stopped me: "Were you just down there?" she asked, sounding both concerned and surprised.

"Yeah." I was suddenly aware that everyone had gathered by the window and was peering down into the atrium below. "What's going on?"

Apparently, a large male deer, antlers and all, crashed through a window in Merchandising and ran through the atrium gushing blood, slamming into the wall and the library window on its crazed charge toward the studio. All while I was buying a sandwich. Somehow, security managed to shut it in a room while they waited for Animal Control to arrive. Sadly, that room happened to be a computer lounge complete with a large HD television. Ouch.

We just got a notice from HR assuring us that "no one was injured and no one is presently in any danger. The deer has been contained and authorities are on site to remove the deer. All precautions are being taken so no further harm is caused to the deer." The Housekeeping and Security teams are currently purging the premises with hospital-grade disinfectant and an insect control agent.

Anyway, big day. America elects its first African-American president and a deer bleeds all over my workplace. One for the books.