Sunday, November 2, 2008

ThanksChristWeen Day Weekend

I married into a family that, although it gets together during the holidays for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, still insists on celebrating both -- at the same time. And so I was introduced to ThanksChristmas. This year, they took things a step further. On Columbus Day weekend, Heather's family converged on Grand Rapids, MI to celebrate the first -- perhaps the only -- ThanksChristWeen Day in the history of the world. David and Amy, who hosted the event at their beautiful home, had decorated for the occasion, and a Christmas tree adorned with orange lights, cobwebs, and fall-colored leaves with a bat perched on top took center stage in their living room. Naturally, the weekend's activities included a traditional Wenzel family Christmas breakfast (monkey bread and egg casserole), opening presents, a hayride, and carving pumpkins. Good times, indeed. Check out the slideshow on Picasa: