Friday, August 1, 2008

Family, Fish & Firearms — A Weekend in Tennessee

Last Thursday night, Heather and I flew out to visit her granddaddy and extended family in White House, TN for a long weekend. After shooting turtles and catching a huge catfish in her granddaddy's little pond, Heather tells me I'm officially part of the family. Finally. (I thought marrying her had sealed the deal.)

Heather's cousins were our gracious hosts for the weekend and, to everyone's delight, they had a glorious pool. So we swam, ate biscuits and gravy and all manner of Southern goodness, listened to Granddaddy tell stories, spent hours out by the pond, shot .22s, fished, and drank Coke from glass bottles. (Jamin picked up some PBR to complete the Tennessee experience but I couldn't stand more than a sip of the stuff.) We also played Guitar Hero III for Wii. Well, David, Jamin, and Heather's cousins' daughter, Sarah, played ... I pretty much just got booed off the stage for trying. Meh. Also, my cousin, Kylen, drove in from Nashville to eat dinner with us one night. Totally random, but good times all around. If you'd like to see some pictures from the weekend, check out my slideshow on Picasa.


Kylen said...

The randomness is key to this relationship, Mike. Remember that always.

Michael Colletto said...

Will do, Kylen, will do. I'll see you when I see you! Until then, take care...and keep your eyes open. : )