Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The PECO Problem: Lessons Learned

My wife is awesome. And you don't want to mess with her — she's a bombshell with a .22 and a sassy attitude (pictured at left). And she's mine, and I love her, and her brothers and I are packing, too (pictured below).
My point is, this girl gets what she wants...especially from customer service. After spending countless hours on the phone relentlessly pleading our case with everyone and their mother's supervisor, the PECO problem is fully resolved. Thank God! What we learned:
  • Save your paperwork. Fortunately, I'd saved a handful of the mailings I'd been receiving from PECO since last October "just in case" I needed them. One of them even had my notes on it from when I'd talked to them the first time. Faxing them these documents finally proved we were telling the truth. The case was in the bag after that.
  • Don't give up until you talk to the boss. If Heather hadn't insisted on taking names and talking to everyone's supervisor, we'd never have spoken with the person capable of helping us. Pressing the issue and holding people accountable to their word finally paid off.
  • Trust God to provide. Speaking of talking to the boss...we realized (about the time I first wrote about our problem with PECO) that we were angry. We felt we'd been abused for doing the right thing and, instead of trusting God, we were frantically trying to handle it ourselves. Then we remembered that we've been praying for God to help us fundraise $37,000 to go to Slovakia...and we suddenly felt humbled (and pretty hypocritical) when we realized we weren't even trusting Him to provide $800 to cover our electric bill. God is bigger than our problems. Always.


Heather Colletto said...

argh! i am woman! hear me roar! (and cry.)

i love you.