Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Better than Chocolate

When I was little, I had the habit of hoarding candy. Whenever my brother and I got candy on Halloween, Easter, or Christmas, Phil would tear into his immediately, eating nonstop until it was gone and he was ill. I, on the other hand, would just add my candy to what was left of my stash from the year before. Clearly, both of us had problems.

Well, to my embarrassment, it appears I haven't quite kicked the hoarding habit. I recently discovered a candy bar I'd been given about nine months ago, languishing in one of my cabinets at work. I was sad at first because I figured it wouldn't be good anymore. I ate it anyway (of course) ... and, to my wonder and amazement, heaven opened and pure bliss descended on my tongue.

Caffe Acapella's silky smooth and utterly delectable gourmet coffee bars are awesome. Transcendent. Sublime. Order them online or find a store near you, but if you haven't given the world's first and only coffee bars a try, you must. I'm totally hooked. When it comes to these bars, my candy-hoarding days are definitely over.