Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Attention Gmail Users

Heads up! Stop what you're doing, log in to Gmail, click on "Settings", then scroll down (under the General settings tab) until you see "Browser connection". Select "Always use https". Breathe a sigh of relief. Why?

Webmonkey explains it best: "Because without it, anyone can easily hack someone’s account and in two weeks it is going to get even easier. Mike Perry, a reverse engineer from San Francisco, announced his intention to release his Gmail Account Hacking Tool to the public."

Nice. Thanks, Mr. Perry.

To be fair, Mr. Perry claims he's releasing the tool to attack Google for failing to emphasize the importance of SSL encryption. Kind of mean-spirited, but point taken. So, an even bigger sarcastic thank you to Google for making internet security optional. My unequivocal recommendation is to opt in.


Heather Colletto said...

Thanks for the head's-up! Done. We should really stop e-mailing each other our credit card information for the heck of it.