Thursday, May 22, 2008

Full-priced Coffee & Full-time Jobs

My wife and I recently celebrated the end of an era. On the same day that she finished her last college final at Rutgers University, I finished my last shift for part-time employer Starbucks. The two of us had a modest celebration at our apartment that weekend. However, we didn't completely break ties with those prestigious institutions right away -- she still had to wait two weeks until her graduation ceremony (which was Thursday night!) and I can still use my Starbucks partner numbers to get a discount, which I now feel obligated to do as often as possible before my card is disabled and that privilege is lost. Curse you, Starbucks, I'm spoiled forever!

Heather's family is all here this weekend, so we've been having fun. We had a much larger celebration yesterday -- a joint graduation party/birthday party for Heather and our niece, Lily, who just turned two and could quite possibly be the cutest little girl on the planet. (I'm sure there will be pictures forthcoming.)

Later today, Heather and I are going to NYC to see Spring Awakening on Broadway. We'll explore the city a bit (we haven't been to New York City since the end of last June when I proposed to her), grab some dinner, and I'll probably try to use my Starbucks discount one last time. After that, it'll be back to full-priced coffee and our full-time jobs. That's OK. The end of an era is always the beginning of another, and life, by God's grace, is undoubtedly good.

EDIT: I stand corrected. Turns out Heather and I have been to NYC since we got engaged -- we went with her family on Thanksgiving Day to see the Macy's Day Parade. (We put our heads together and decided we may have been there one other time, too, we're not sure -- we could have just had a dream or seen something on TV that makes us think we did. Whatever.)