Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'd Ride That

I'm no cyclist. Haven't really ridden a bike since sophomore year of college when someone stole mine, ditched it, and left it for campus security to pick up. Of course, I'd alerted campus security of the theft and gave them a description of the bike, so when it turned up...they, honest, competent people that there were, sold it to the RD of one of the dorms, who, two years later, put it up for sale one day as I was passing by. Yes, I bought it back. Never rode it again, though. Very sad story.

Anyway, I'm not a cyclist. Nor am I an urban commuter. But Gocycle's forthcoming lightweight electric bike sounds sweet enough to convert me to becoming one (an urban-cyclist-commuter-man, that is). Their website's a little spartan right now, consisting only of a logo (seriously), but you can read more about the bike here. I am a little concerned it'll be out of my price range but, meh, who am I kidding about becoming an urban-cyclist-commuter-man anyway?

Don't know why it sounds so appealing. Maybe it's the spring air...