Monday, March 23, 2009

fonolo: Saving Your Sanity

Raise your hand if you love dialing 1-800 numbers and fighting through a maze of pre-recorded touch-tone phone tree menu options before finally being put on hold for half an hour so you can ask a surly customer service representative your simple question.

What? No hands? Didn't think so. Neither did fonolo, the genius company that decided to transcribe the phone menus of large companies so you can navigate them visually and skip the hassle.
'Pick the company you need, scan through their phone menu visually, then just click the spot you need to call. fonolo will automatically dial, navigate their menu and then dial your phone. When you answer, you will be connected to the right spot in the menu. We call that “Deep Dialing”. You’ll call it smart.'

No. I call it brilliant.