Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stop Junk Mail with GreenDimes

There's a white, 13 gallon trash can standing opposite the P.O. boxes in my apartment building, and scrawled across the front in black marker are the words "Junk Mail". It's nearly always full.

When I enter the building, my routine goes something like this: (1) Open mailbox; (2) Pull out 10 envelopes & sort briefly; (3) Toss 9 envelopes in the white can. The waste is mindblowing. Nearly every day, people pay to send me dozens of sheets of printed paper in envelopes I never open. Nearly every day, I wish there was an easy way to tell them all to stop.

Well, there is. Enter GreenDimes.

GreenDimes is the leading junk mail reduction service. For $20 a year, they'll take you off unwanted direct marketing and catalog lists — and keep you off. They've been around for a couple years now, so they've got their gig down to a science. In 90 days, they say you'll see a 90% reduction in junk mail. Plus they'll plant five trees on your behalf. It's like an the National Do Not Call Registry for your beleaguered mailbox. Brilliant idea, eh?


Heather Colletto said...

That sounds totally worth it! I'd do it.