Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chrome: The Shiny New Browser from Google

Google accidentally let the cat out of the bag a day early, unveiling a comic strip about their new web browser project, Chrome, to be released later today. (When it's released, you should be able to download it here).

TechCrunch has already suggested the open-source browser will kick-start the rapid decline of Microsoft and herald a future of OS-free computing. We'll see. Google Chrome definitely steals Microsoft's thunder over the beta 2 version of it's new IE8.

My only fear is that Chrome will inadvertently steal the market from Google's longtime ally, Mozilla's Firefox. That would be unfortunate. I love and highly recommend the Firefox browser. That said, I'm eager to test this new contender.

UPDATE: Friday, September 19, 2008
Sticking with Firefox

Honestly, Google's Chrome browser hasn't wowed me. There's no contesting that what they've put under the hood represents a few game-changing innovations, but since I'm not a developer, many of the coolest bells and whistles are largely lost on me. Sure, the simplicity of the interface has a certain appeal, and I enjoy smart features like the new tab window. But as a user, I miss certain basic features like...oh, a print button. I also miss the familiarity — and custom add-ons — that make Mozilla's Firefox 3 such a user-friendly treat. Now, I don't want to argue about which browser is better — there are plenty of worthy choices (although, if you use Internet Explorer, do yourself a favor and ditch it). Ultimately, you like what you like. I happen to like Firefox...used in conjunction, of course, with a whole slew of Google Apps — from iGoogle and Gmail to Google Reader, Google Docs, Picasa, and beyond. Maybe one day some future version of Google's browser will win me over as well. Until that time...


Patrick Roberts said...

looking forward to Chrome for efficiency's sake... Google seems to make consistently high-quality software in any case