Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Directional Dyslexia and Google Maps

Our dear friends, Josh and Abbie Cobb, flew in from Los Angeles to spend several days with us this past weekend. On Saturday we'd planned to drive to Trenton, NJ and take the train into Penn Station. Instead, I drove in the wrong direction and ended up in Allentown, PA before I realized anything was amiss. Naturally, we gave up on Trenton and drove to Hoboken, NJ and took the Path into the city instead. Then, on the way home, I mixed up 276 and 295 and took a short detour through south Jersey on my way back to West Chester. Not the most direct route in the world, but I felt some consolation at the opportunity to buy relatively inexpensive gas — it helped compensate for all the extra driving I did. Anyway, these directional errors were entirely my fault (honestly, I tend to be directionally dyslexic — I even confuse my right and left hands). In my defense, however, I did copy my directions from Google Maps, and Google Maps, as we know, can be a little...

Tell you what — why don't you just read this. Props to Heather for sending it to me. Props to David for introducing Heather to xkcd webcomics in the first place. Enjoy.