Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Video: The Media is in LOVE with Barack Obama

These mashup videos from the McCain campaign aren't that great, but they do call warranted attention to the media's unabashed bias toward Barack Obama. It's a strange mix of funny and sickening (one fellow compares the media's love for Obama with the love of a 9th grade boy. WHAT?). Obama's drooling fan club is really starting to turn me off to the candidate, which is a shame. That said, I haven't heard enough intelligent substance from either presidential candidate to make an honest, well-informed decision about who I'll cast my vote for in November. You haven't either. We'd all do well to keep an open mind.


Heather Colletto said...

You'll appreciate Jon Stewart's recent sainthood knighting of Obama as the media tries to catch him making a mistake in Iraq.